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How it Works

Parcel22 delivers unlimited outfits straight to your door, at a flat monthly rate you'll love even more! Receive 3 garments and 2 accessories to wear as long as you want. Rock the pieces, and return them when you're done for more. Rent. Return. Repeat. Unlimited times per month!


Create a style profile and add items you love to your virtual closet.


Approve and receive your personalized Parcel. Rock all your outfits for as long as you want and save on any pieces you wish to keep!


Return the rest in the prepaid envelope and recieve your next Parcel days later. Receive as many boxes per month as you can wear for one flat monthly rate.

Unlimited Parcels

Receive as many parcels as you can wear for one flat monthly rate! We will send out your next parcel the following day.

Endless Savings

Our subscription plans allow you to rent more clothing than you could purchase. As a member you will also save up to 50% on items you keep.

Picked For You

Our style profile features helps our personal stylists pick which pieces we think you will love!

Dry Cleaning

Don’t worry about doing laundry. We’ve got you covered! All pieces are dry cleaned after each use.

Complete Control

Before sending out you parcel, you will have two days to approve or swap any items to ensure everything is to your taste.

Reduce Waste

Rent your wardrobe, and reduce unnecessary clothing waste. Pieces that complete our cycle are donated to charities empowering young woman.